Unique and Enticing Models of Modern Chandelier Lights

Are you out to shop for a trendy and distinct looking modern chandelier? If so, then carefully sift through the different types of contemporary chandelier lights that will be discussed below.

Urchin Pendant Chandelier

This fabulous pendant chandelier is designed by Helen Louise Gifford. It features hundreds of flame tipped bulbs that beautifully collaborates the fixtures organic form. The urchin is illuminated through a single light source found at the center of its armature. This unique looking and eye-catching pendant chandelier would surely be a stylish addition to any setting. It is sold in varying diameters, and comes with 10 feet wiring as well as support cables.

Caboche Pecola Chandelier

Modern Chandelier LightsThis is crafted and designed by Patricia Urquiola and Eliana Gerotto. It is a suspension lamp that is comprised of polymethyl metacrylate globes. This head turning white chandelier offer an upward and downward light projection creating an attractive diffused lighting. It makes use of a halogen lamp, which is not included with the unit.

PH Artichoke Chandelier

This is a chandelier fixture that effectively combined both modern and traditional styles. It is basically a 360 glare free luminaire that gives off an appealing glow. It features 72 leaves in 12 circular rows designed to shield or protect the light source and to stunningly reflect the light unto the underlying leaves. The original PH artichoke was designed for a restaurant called as the Langeline Pavillion in Copenhagen. This inspired the creation of this PH artichoke model.

Five Pendant Chandelier

This pendant chandelier is composed of five single pendants that are made from cast glass. They are connected to a brass nickel canopy with the use of a braided steel coaxial cable. The individual pendant features seamed, articulated and cast glass spheres that have frosted cylindrical voids. Each pendant houses a 10 watts xenon or halogen lamp. The light generated by the pendants beautifully interacts with the bubble and imperfections of the cast glass which produce a visually appealing halo of light.