Brushed Nickel Bathroom Light Designs

Nickel plated lights have been making their mark in the lighting industry these days.  Contemporary lighting designs can go by the thousands, and people might be most familiar still with the fluorescent ones.  But business establishments and modern homes, especially those that have warranted air time and been showcased on the tube, have been inspirations to those who are building and remodeling their dream homes.

Bathroom lights come in many different forms, with some resembling a pendulum, and others used for vanity lighting.  They can be clustered as a whole that can provide the proper illumination for a specific area, as well as additional design that could make an extraordinary statement.  A Brushed nickel bathroom light is a great choice because of their ability to keep their modern, sleek look without the blinding light reflection that other metal lights have.

A single design is powerful enough to arrest one’s senses with the right size, form and color.  Take for instance a brushed nickel, sphere shaped halogen pendant with transparent outer layer and an inner layer in orange.  When lighted, that alone can be your apartment kitchen’s perfect design element in a confined space which offers a limited platform for trimmings.  If this would be the case, instead of focusing on design pieces that are merely for display purposes, choose items such as the light pendant that would be a great contributing factor in terms of both aesthetics and function.

Pendants could be as plain and simple as a pure nickel ceiling protrusion fit for an industrially designed space for that masculine, warehouse feel.  Glitzy styles play with different colors and shapes without limiting their range to the basics such as blue and round.  Creative juices could come up with cones and spirals in purple and apple green, and these are just what the doctor ordered since the birth of technological advances.