Your Patio Lighting Designs Matter

Lighting and lighting design, especially for a patio environment, are especially important. Both safety and aesthetic purposes are points to consider when looking for lighting for your backyard patio or deck. Only your particular outdoor living needs can help determine the right mix of each.

The specific type of outdoor lighting that you need is a function of your patio designs. Considering how each homeowner has their own ideas and design plans, we’ll cover some general ideas about patio lights and provide some scenarios to consider.

There are situations like that of an outdoor room where ambiance and warm lighting are key features you are looking for. While safety and simply navigating your space are important, they are not the only things that this type of patio lighting can provide. You might be looking for a specific type of lamp designed for outdoor use or even a chandelier. There are specific spot lights that are available too. These spot lights function just as any indoor recessed light fixture does. You can even hide many of these lighting features within the framework of your patio structure. The outdoor room can be defined by these lighting features.

Outdoor flood lights are the perfect solution for providing you with a wash of light for a large area. These types of flood lights are what will make up the majority of most people’s safety features. They can also be conveniently turned on and off with motion sensors. You will save energy using this type of switch also. Of course, you could also save more by installing compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) or light emitting diodes (LEDs). Lighting designs have benefited greatly from the addition of these two.

You can find similar innovation with various types of solar lighting for both the patio and garden areas. You can find these solar lights in a range of styles. Some models have the PV panels on them and just stick in the ground, while others still have wires to carry the electricity from a battery or capacitor backup source to the lights when needed.

There are lighting systems sold for deck rails, posts and stairs. The terms rope lights or patio string lights are common terms for these. Whether these are illuminating stairs or a tiered deck, they are great for navigation. The outdoor lighting design and features of your outdoor space are also enhanced through this added dimension.


Solar Garden Lights To Light Up Your Garden

Garden lights can improve the look and usefulness of your property. Since electricity consumption would increase, a better way is to light your gardens is by a solar garden lights. Solar garden lights are lights that are powered by the sun. With just a few hours each day, these garden lights would surely light your garden all night.

Solar garden lights let you save more energy compared to the traditional wired outdoor lighting. Traditional lights draw their power on electricity, making you spend more on electric bills. Solar lights draw their energy from the sun. You won’t be spending anything since the energy from the sun is free and abundant. Besides, it is much safer to use a solar light than having a traditional wired light. No chance of getting electrocuted with solar lights while attempting to clean certain parts of it. Solar garden lights are also easy to install. You just place it anywhere on the ground where you want it to be place.

Depending on the look you want to achieve and the light you want to draw, there are different styles of solar garden lights to choose from. There are solar path lights, solar flood lights, solar spot lights, and solar string lights.

Solar path lights are the most popular style of solar light. These can be placed anywhere in the ground that has a path or walkway. Eventually in the evening, solar path lights would give light to your path or walkway. Solar path lights have a light sensor that turns on the lamp when dusk hit and automatically turns it off at dawn.

Solar flood lights are solar lights that simply flood light into a certain area. It is used to illuminate certain parts of the backyard, provides light to secure an area, to brighten up the deck or garden. These flood lights have much ability in lighting up a certain area.

Solar spot lights are commonly used for security and surveillance purposes. They are designed to light up an area for accent and safety. These solar spot lights are perfect for illumination.
Solar string lights are outdoor decorative lights. It can be used during holiday seasons or just lighting up for a special events or parties. String lights come in a variety of colors and styles. It can even be matched on your mood you would like to create.

What a better way to light up your garden than using a solar garden lights. It can give light the way you want it and save you much on electricity.


Saving Energy Using Solar Lights and Cellular Shades

As concerns over the environment and our energy consumption pattern increase, more home owners are seeking ways to minimize their household impact. One particular useful way is to transform our homes into more energy efficient ones. While this might sounds to be a very difficult, it cannot be further away from the truth. This is because there are now many energy efficient appliances and furniture that can help us to save more energy. In fact, the choices might so overwhelming that you do not know where to begin. If that is the case, here are two suggestions that you can consider during your shopping for those energy efficient items.

One of the most common usage of electricity is our lighting. Hence, a good way to start improving the energy efficiency of our home is to replace your current lighting option with solar powered ones. In the past, solar lighting was mainly deployed in the garden or patio area as they need to be exposed to the sun. Fortunately, with advances in solar technology there are now indoor solar lighting available. The advantage of these lights is that it can run on two different power sources: solar and electrical. Hence, whenever there is a cloudy or rainy day, the lights will switch to an electrical power source and your homes’ lighting will not be affected by the weather conditions.

Another way to improve your energy usage is to create better insulation for your homes such that you do not need to use so much air conditioning or heating, which requires huge amounts of electricity to run. A good way to improve insulation is to replace your current window coverings with cellular shades. These type of shades provide the most powerful insulation among all the window options so they are a good choice for an energy efficient home.


Unique and Enticing Models of Modern Chandelier Lights

Are you out to shop for a trendy and distinct looking modern chandelier? If so, then carefully sift through the different types of contemporary chandelier lights that will be discussed below.

Urchin Pendant Chandelier

This fabulous pendant chandelier is designed by Helen Louise Gifford. It features hundreds of flame tipped bulbs that beautifully collaborates the fixtures organic form. The urchin is illuminated through a single light source found at the center of its armature. This unique looking and eye-catching pendant chandelier would surely be a stylish addition to any setting. It is sold in varying diameters, and comes with 10 feet wiring as well as support cables.

Caboche Pecola Chandelier

Modern Chandelier LightsThis is crafted and designed by Patricia Urquiola and Eliana Gerotto. It is a suspension lamp that is comprised of polymethyl metacrylate globes. This head turning white chandelier offer an upward and downward light projection creating an attractive diffused lighting. It makes use of a halogen lamp, which is not included with the unit.

PH Artichoke Chandelier

This is a chandelier fixture that effectively combined both modern and traditional styles. It is basically a 360 glare free luminaire that gives off an appealing glow. It features 72 leaves in 12 circular rows designed to shield or protect the light source and to stunningly reflect the light unto the underlying leaves. The original PH artichoke was designed for a restaurant called as the Langeline Pavillion in Copenhagen. This inspired the creation of this PH artichoke model.

Five Pendant Chandelier

This pendant chandelier is composed of five single pendants that are made from cast glass. They are connected to a brass nickel canopy with the use of a braided steel coaxial cable. The individual pendant features seamed, articulated and cast glass spheres that have frosted cylindrical voids. Each pendant houses a 10 watts xenon or halogen lamp. The light generated by the pendants beautifully interacts with the bubble and imperfections of the cast glass which produce a visually appealing halo of light.


Enhancing Your Home With Outdoor Garden Lights

Enhancing your biggest investment, your home, is something for which most people strive. Adding beauty to your garden and lawn with outdoor garden lights is a unique way to blend a new concept with decorative style. This modern trend will create a sophisticated, yet relaxed atmosphere to surround your home that you can enjoy with little effort while saving energy.

Most of these lights are solar powered lights, which simply means outdoor garden lights use the sun’s energy to create their own energy by saving up the sun’s rays during the day in their own rechargeable batteries. Then a sensor will turn them on at dusk and off again at dawn automatically. The batteries recharge themselves repeatedly.

Outdoor garden lights come in a multitude of colors and displays to fit the tastes of classic or conservative to daring and bold. For a simple and conservative look, there are solar powered garden lights in classic colors to illuminate a sidewalk or driveway. Easily inserted into the ground with stakes that are included, they will come on at the hint of darkness and shut off at the early light of dawn automatically.

Westinghouse makes an elegant string of lights made with hand blown crackle glass in a light sea mist color that will show off your prized palms or any other trees you may have in your yard. For a more colorful and bold look, these string lights also come in different shapes and designs such as dragonflies that change color to playful moon and stars that will twinkle in the moonlight. There are statues of gnomes and rocks that will also light up and change color. There is even a garden light humming bird with changing colors and will appear to be delighting in your own personal Garden of Eden during the evening hours while you are sitting there just enjoying the view. You will be smiling not only for the beauty, but because you know these beautiful lights will not add to your electric bill. These wondrous garden lights are inexpensive, green, and very low maintenance, and will give your home an elegant and expensive modern look without draining your time, patience, or budget.

Give outdoor garden lights a try getting as creative as you want, then just sit back and watch the beauty rise up from your lawn and garden. That will be easy knowing your lights will be doing all of the work and they will pay for themselves because their beautiful illuminations will not cost you a thing.


Brushed Nickel Bathroom Light Designs

Nickel plated lights have been making their mark in the lighting industry these days.  Contemporary lighting designs can go by the thousands, and people might be most familiar still with the fluorescent ones.  But business establishments and modern homes, especially those that have warranted air time and been showcased on the tube, have been inspirations to those who are building and remodeling their dream homes.

Bathroom lights come in many different forms, with some resembling a pendulum, and others used for vanity lighting.  They can be clustered as a whole that can provide the proper illumination for a specific area, as well as additional design that could make an extraordinary statement.  A Brushed nickel bathroom light is a great choice because of their ability to keep their modern, sleek look without the blinding light reflection that other metal lights have.

A single design is powerful enough to arrest one’s senses with the right size, form and color.  Take for instance a brushed nickel, sphere shaped halogen pendant with transparent outer layer and an inner layer in orange.  When lighted, that alone can be your apartment kitchen’s perfect design element in a confined space which offers a limited platform for trimmings.  If this would be the case, instead of focusing on design pieces that are merely for display purposes, choose items such as the light pendant that would be a great contributing factor in terms of both aesthetics and function.

Pendants could be as plain and simple as a pure nickel ceiling protrusion fit for an industrially designed space for that masculine, warehouse feel.  Glitzy styles play with different colors and shapes without limiting their range to the basics such as blue and round.  Creative juices could come up with cones and spirals in purple and apple green, and these are just what the doctor ordered since the birth of technological advances.

Illuminate Your Yard With Landscape Lighting

Copper landscape lighting is ideal for any outdoor light that you may need. Copper is well known to be really resistant to corrosion and can withstand harsh environmental conditions. Such quality is what you need for an outdoor lighting fixture.

Using outdoor lights can be a great way to maximize the use of your front and back yard. Having a well lit yard will allow you to have a nice spot at your home where you can relax or unwind anytime you want. With outdoor lighting, you can utilize your yard day and night. When you choose the type of lighting fixture for your yard, you should take into consideration its quality and how long it will last. With the use of copper landscape lighting, you are assured that it will last a long time since it is resistant to corrosion.

Another option for your outdoor lighting needs is the use of low voltage garden lights. This type of lights can emit a much softer light ideal for path lighting. It is ideal for path lighting since it is not too glaring and the light is subtle enough to illuminate a certain path. Aside from placing it on paths, it can be placed on a stairway. And to give a more welcoming feeling to your doorstep, you can choose to install low voltage lights near the doorway. It can even be placed around a flower bed where it can give off a soft light showing off your wonderful well tended flowers.

Other lighting options include spotlights where you can highlight certain areas on your garden to create a much more dramatic effect and improve the appearance of your garden. Lights not only accentuate your garden but can also provide safety and security at nighttime. You can rest assured inside your home when you have garden lights installed around your yard.

Get the most out of your own yard with the help of garden lights. Do not let the absence of sunlight limit your use of your own front and back yard. With outdoor garden lights, you can have a better looking, more useful, safer and more secure outdoor.


Beautify You Property With Outdoor Lights

One of the most spectacular home improvements you can make to your home is the addition of outdoor lights.  There are so many kinds and colors to choose from, that they give you a voice for your inner artist.  A plain dark home or business can, with the addition of some carefully types of outdoors lighting, be transformed into a magnificent estate.

Think of this.  Can you name one significant building or man made landmark that is without outdoor lights?  The Eiffel Tower is one of Paris’ most beautiful landmarks, but without the spectacular lights that play over it and within it, it would simply be a darkened collection of steel and iron in the night.

Government buildings, museums, nearly any significant landmark that is located within a population center uses outdoor lighting for both security and as a design feature.  Many homes and businesses employ many different types of lights to illuminate for safety, security, and beauty.

Most of the significant landmarks, such as the aforementioned Eiffel Tower benefit tremendously from the use of landscape lighting, spot lights, and flood lights.  For use around a home or small business, there are other choices too.  LED (light emitting diode) string lights are becoming a very popular way to introduce a festive atmosphere to the backyard patio.  They also find use as a way of delineating the edges of steps, or poolside.  In these cases, they not only provide a method of beautifying the home or business, but they add an extra measure of safety.

LED string lights also find a place during the holidays as Christmas lights.  Through advances in technology, they come in many colors.

The most significant advantages of LED lights are the low cost of operation, and the incredible long life of these bulbs.  LED lights last several times longer than any other type of light.  Some last from 25,000 to 100,000 hours.  Compare that to around 7500hours for the compact fluorescent bulbs, and a mere 1000 hours for the familiar incandescent bulbs that we are all so familiar with.

LED string lights, and in fact any LED outdoor lights can be solar powered, and cost you nothing to operate.


Tips for Buying Garden Lights

When I was growing up my mom really had this beautiful garden. She had all kinds of roses, orchids, and other colorful flowers that could really attract people’s attention. But what really made the garden beautiful was the fact that she made sure that it was well lit and that all the lights in her garden were functioning well. And I can tell you that it was very attractive. You couldn’t stop yourself from staring at them.

If you have a garden you should also think about the kind of lighting that you have setup. It can make a huge difference. But sometimes choosing the right kind of garden lightning can  be a problem. Every garden is different and so are the lights that are installed around the plants. It can be a real treat to see your garden illuminating with stylish lights as the sun goes down. There are four different types of garden lights, these are solar, electric, gas, and non-powered which includes candle lights. All of them have their own functions and illuminating effect but which one gives the best effect? Research shows that solar is the most popular among the four. Want to know why? Because they are easy to maintain and won’t give you trouble as you set them. You just need to place them anywhere you want.This will last a good few hours under their stored power, and different colors can add some really effective results and increase the ambiance of your garden.

Three Tips in Buying Best Quality of Solar Lights

1. Find Good Quality Fixtures

The brightest lights are the ones that receive the most sunlight in order to charge their batteries. You will not have good results if the lights were covered by trees and bushes. Make sure the lights are clear of tree shades.

2. Sturdy Enough For The Location Of Your Yard

If you place them in a high traffic area where they will be hit repeatedly by lawn mowers, children playing, etc., and if they are made of cheap plastic material,
then your lights will have a very short lifespan.

3. Lightning Pattern

It should be place in an intended area where you wanted to illuminate. You can even create a nice light pattern with your garden lights.

Depending on your preference, garden lights could give you different mood and ambiance. It will also create a nice atmosphere in your garden and add safety and security. It has a lot of function aside from brightening your garden at night. Set them right, and you will surely appreciate what you’ve got!


How To Install Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is a simple way to extend the length of time you can enjoy your outdoor spaces.  This can be achieved several ways.  Pathways, steps, trees, garden features, architectural elements, waterscapes, and decks call all be enhanced through landscape lighting.  Low-voltage lighting is easy and, because it only requires 12 volts of electricity to operate, is safe for the do-it-yourselfer to install.  For our purposes we will discuss the most common form of low-voltage lighting which is pathway lighting.

Landscape lighting consists of three main components: light fixtures, a transformer, and low-voltage electrical cable.  The transformer must be plugged into an outdoor GFCI outlet fitted with a “while-in-use” cover.  This cover is an over-sized plastic box that covers the outlet and has a notch for the power cord to go through.  These are inexpensive, easy to install, and can be obtained from your local hardware store.  The transformer allows you to step down the 120 volt electricity to a safe, usable 12 volt system that we will be using.

First, you must determine the areas that you wish to light and the effect you would like to achieve.  Each light fixture is different.  It is a good idea to find out the specifications of each light before planning out your design.  For this article we will assume you have done your homework, shopped for your fixtures, and purchased the appropriate size transformer to handle the cumulative wattage of those fixtures.  With that done, let’s begin.

Step one:  Lay out your components.

Arrange the path lights along the walkway you are lighting.  Then take the low-voltage cable and string it along the lights and up to the transformer, going under or around any obstacles you may encounter such as trees or shrubs.  Leave the cable loose as we will be encircling each fixture with a small loop of wire before burying it.  Use 14 guage cable for jobs totaling less than 200 watts, and 12 guage cable for systems that exceed 200 watts.  The lights are typically around 6-10 feet apart and your first light should be at least 10 feet from your transformer.

Step two:  Dig your trench.

Move your light fixtures out of the way and, using a flat-blade shovel, fold back a section of grass all along the path about 12 inches wide.  Use the edge of the shovel to make a trench about 3 inches deep where the wiring will lay.  You may need to set something heavy on the sod to keep it from flopping back into the trench you are trying to create.

Step three:  Bury the wire.

Set the proper gauge of low-voltage wire into the newly dug trench.  Remember to leave the wire slack.  Smooth the soil back over the wire, but leave a section of it protruding at each fixture so that the electrical connections can be made.  Make a hole in the folded-over grass where each fixture will be and stick the cable up through this hole, folding over the grass as you go.

Step four:  Make holes for the fixtures.

Set the lights in the grass in their proper position, checking to make sure they are evenly spaced.  Also check to make sure that the head of the light fixture doesn’t extend into the path so that they do not get disturbed when people are walking.  Using a long steel punch or a screw driver, make a hole in the ground to accommodate the fixtures stake.  Never use a hammer to drive the fixture into the ground as damage may occur to the wire and to the fixture.  Screw the stake onto the bottom of the fixtures if you have not already done so.

Step five:  Wire your lights.

Each brand of fixtures is different so consult your instructions enclosed with your brand of fixtures.  However with most, you take the connector at the base of each light and slip it around the electrical wire until you hear a click.  This indicates that the quick connect component has made a firm connection and has pierced through the low-voltage cable.  In order to make a stronger connection you can also bypass this connection altogether, splitting the cable and wiring it with wire nuts as you would a traditional light fixture.  If you choose to do this, make sure you seal the wire nuts with silicone to keep them waterproof.  After wiring all the fixtures, push the fixture and its’ attached stake, firmly into the holes that you made earlier for them.  Tuck the connector and wire at least two inches into the ground and make sure the stake is flush with the grass.

landscape lightsStep six:  Plug in the transformer.

Strip the wires from the ends of the electrical cable you have placed near the transformer.  The transformer needs to either be mounted to a post or directly to the house.  Insert the wires into the terminals at the base of the transformer after it is mounted.  Turn it on and, if you have done everything correctly, you should see the fixtures light up.  If problems do occur, remember to check that your light bulbs are inserted correctly and working before assuming you have a faulty transformer.  Once all the lights are working properly, tuck the grass around the fixtures, pressing it down firmly all along the trench.  Water the trench well.

Step seven:  Enjoy!

With a little hard work and advance preparation, anyone can enhance their night-time curb appeal with attractive, functional landscape lighting.  Low-voltage lighting requires very little maintenance.  Just remember to change the light bulbs shortly after they go out or you will shorten the life of the remainder of bulbs.  Other than that, just sit back and enjoy a job well done!